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It is our pleasure to introduce to you KOHA, an Integrated Library Management System. Koha is a Full-featured truly enterprise-class platform-independent, Award winning, Open-Source Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) under GPL V2 (no license fee, ever). A complete modern Web-based, Multilingual OPAC system, KOHA comes with comprehensive functionality with advanced options. More than 2000 libraries are using Koha, including academic, public, school and special libraries, in Africa, Australia, Canada, USA, France, India and, of course, New Zealand. Along with a committed team of programmers its development is steered by a growing community of libraries collaborating to achieve their technology.

KOHA Features

  1. Open-source software – Koha is open source, this means that Koha comes with complete source code, making it legally possible to modify the code to suit your requirements. Also all modules are accessible to you, whether you start by implementing them now or at a later date.
  2. Customizable Web-based OPAC – no need to install any programme on client computers since virtually every computer has a browser installed.
  3. Customizable Web-based circulation system (issues, returns, transfers)
  4. Full MARC support (MARC21 and UNIMARC)
  5. Transfers between library branches – Koha can manage a multi branch library
  6. Z39.50 server
  7. Online reservations
  8. Borrower history (optional)
  9. Customizable search – you choose which fields you want on your search forms when you set it up. So you can have different entry points to your biblio records. E.g. Title, Author, Subject etc
  10. Full acquisitions – including orders from vendors; budgets and pricing information
  11. Simple acquisitions – for the smaller library
  12. Serials Module
  13. Dewey, LOC and other non-Dewey categorizations
  14. Virtual Shelves
  15. Multi-language OPAC Support – You may have your users choose the language for the display in the OPAC
  16. Borrower purchase suggestions support – Your borrowers can suggest books they want the Library to acquire
  17. Barcode printing & Barcode Reader – For easy operation of circulation tasks

Why choose Koha?

    We strongly encourage and recommend that your organization choose Koha for the following reasons:

  1. Koha is a full-featured ILS: In use worldwide in libraries of all sizes. Koha is a true enterprise-class ILS with comprehensive functionality including basic or advanced options. Koha includes modules for circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials, reserves, patron management, branch relationships, and more. Koha is currently in use in several small to medium size libraries with as many as 600,000 bibliographic records and 40,000 borrower records. It is used here in Nigeria by Bowen University Library, Iwo; Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Ibadan; National Teachers Institute, Kaduna and Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan.
  2. International Library Standards Compliant: Koha is built using library standards and protocols that ensure interoperability between Koha and other systems and technologies, while supporting existing workflows and tools. Because of this, you are guaranteed that you can always migrate data to any other library System, if you need to, in the future.
  3. Web-based Interfaces: Koha’s OPAC, circulation, management and self-checkout interfaces are all based on standards-compliant World Wide Web technologies–XHTML, CSS and JavaScript — making Koha a truly platform-independent solution. You do not have to install any software on your clients systems. All they need is a browser. This makes systems administration tasks easier.
  4. Dual Database Design: Koha uses a dual database design that utilizes the strengths of the two major industry-standard database types (text- based and RDBMS). This design feature ensures that Koha is scalable enough to meet the transaction load of any library, no matter what the size.

Services we offer on Koha:

However we offer this value added services towards the implementation of Koha.

  • We install the Linux Server on which Koha runs
  • We install and configure the Apache web server and the MySQL database server. We specially fine-tune this to ensure that the optimal environment is provided for the Koha scripts.
  • We install the Koha system and customize it to reflect your brand and to fit it to its way of presenting bibliographic information. These include making sure that the online catalogue entry matches your paper worksheet and proper representation of issuing rules, fines etc.
  • Training of Library Staff on the use and management of the Koha Library System.
  • We provide support even after the installation. This particular point makes sure you have someone responsible for updates, troubleshooting and future customization.

As mentioned above, Koha is an open source ILS. Our assignment shall include: – Supply of one unit of HP ML 110 server – Installation, – Configuration, – Customization, – Training and – Support for three (3) months.

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